Friday, March 22, 2013


For many families, the coming of Spring also means Spring Break with the kids off from school. In my case, this means that my 20 year old college student insists that the normal bed times of which I have become accustomed do not apply to a young adult who has been used to coming and going as he pleases. But this year, this young adult gets to come along on the road trip my wife and I have designed to be spontaneous and relatively agenda-less. We are pointed south in the family auto towards a part of the Gulf Coast we have never been to before (nor had we even considered before). Countless hours in front of tv monitor hooked up to a gaming system will be replaced by countless hours behind the wheel bound for parts unknown. Instead we will all experience the unique culture that only the Deep South can offer, including sea gulls, egrets, an assortment of dinosaur-like reptiles that are not found in our upper midwest region, sunshine and bleached white sandy beaches. Of course, this means that the other wildlife not found in nature books will also be in full force. And I will be there with my sketchbook at the ready to capture these other college students in their "natural" environment. Wish me luck.

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Barbara Weeks said...

Safe travels! I look forward to seeing the sketches! Have a great time.