Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wine Class

My wife and I have been taking a series of wine classes at the College of DuPage Hospitality School. There are a series of 4 Regions that you can study (Introduction & Italy; France, Germany & South America, California & Pac West; and Food & Wine Pairings) on your way to taking your first certification exam to become a Sommelier. The College of DuPage had recently constructed a series of new building on their campus--one of them being a Hospitality Building where students learn the culinary arts, hotel and restaurant management, and how to work in different capacities at both hotels, motels, restaurants, etc. The series of wine classes that I have been involved takes place in a terraced lecture room such as the one I've sketched here. The interesting thing to me is that each seat is situated with its own built-in light table which comes in handy when analyzing different wines for color, clarity and things like "tears" or "legs." This is your peek behind the curtains of how the class looks from this student's perspective.

Roughed out in pencil, sketched in Sharpie Fine Point and Prismacolor greys.


  1. Sounds like a great class! Love the drawing!

  2. Thanks Barb! And the class is not what I would call a cush class because we also have a lot of reading, a bunch of quizzes and tests. Plus there are new languages to learn. After this is all done, I should be able to stare at a wine list with the same deer-in-headlights look I've always had--hahaha.