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by Simone Ridyard

"From architectural portraits to bustling streetscapes to sweeping skylines, the art of urban sketching comes alive on these pages. Whether you aspire to capture the pulse of cities afar or your own hometown, the art and ideas in this book will make your efforts more successful and enjoyable."

The Creative Habit

by Twyla Tharp

"More than anything, this book is about preparation: In order to be creative you have to know how to prepare to be creative." Twyla Tharp


by France Belleville-Van Stone

An inspirational manual for integrating sketching into daily life for artists and non-artists alike. Urban sketching--the process of sketching on the go as a regular practice--is a hot trend in the drawing world. In this aspirational guide, French artist France Belleville-Van Stone offers motivation to move beyond the comfort zone, as well as instruction on turning rough sketches into finished work.

Freehand Drawing  & Discovery

by James Richards

Author, Jim Richards shows architects, planners, and landscape architects how to use freehand sketching to quickly and creatively generate design concepts.

Creative Sketching Workshop

by Pete Scully

“Shake up your sketchbook! Twelve celebrated urban sketchers lead you on a series of creative challenges and discoveries.”
This is a book for new and seasoned sketchers, alike.

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