Thursday, November 1, 2012

Return to Navy Pier

Last Friday, I returned to Navy Pier to meet three of my cousins for dinner.  I arrived early, so I went up to the Crystal Garden to relax and do a little sketching.  I couldn't believe I did not have one pencil or pen in my purse - what was I thinking?  But, I had my tiny Altoids watercolor palette, a water brush, and my little Moleskine watercolor book, so I sketched directly with watercolor.  I am not great at sketching with watercolor, but it helped pass the time.  I added lines with a Micron pen when I got home.

I also sketched the condiments in the restaurant while I was waiting for my cousins.  (I borrowed a pen from the waitress, and added the color at home.)

After dinner, we went up to the Crystal Garden - my cousins had never been there, so it was fun to introduce them to it.  And, I was craving the peace and quiet by then.  Navy Pier is fun - but it is so noisy inside, especially with a very loud band playing on the main floor.  The Crystal Garden is like another world.

Catching up and reminiscing - it was a perfect evening!

Crystal Garden

Harry Caray's condiments