Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Really Tired

On my way home from the Chicago Cultural Center "Let's Sketch" event on January 20th, I chilled out in the food court of the Ogilvy Transportation Center. I spotted this poor guy. So tired was he that he didn't even know he was laying down on his take out container. I've been there so I felt for him. And I wondered if the two people in the background had noticed him or if they were snapping pictures.

Sketched in pencil, then traced in Uniball MicroVision pen. While I most often work in colored markers and pencils, this sketch I scanned and bought into my iPad and colorized it in iBis PaintX. Pretty cool program and I expect to bring it to more "Let's Sketch" events.


  1. The pose is a winner! I am sure it also helped that he did not move for a spell :). Love the clean line and the way his clothes drapes in your image.

  2. Love it! Everyone has their own story. That's why I find sketching urbanites in action (or non-action as the case may be) so exciting.

  3. Thanks Barb an Alex! I like to use the "verb not a noun" lens whenever I look for images to sketch, but would this really be considered a verb? I guess so if sleeping is an action.