Tuesday, April 19, 2016

We are a legion!

Yesterday, on April 18th, USk Chicago welcomed its 501st member to the group!  April is also a month to celebrate our chapter's 4 year anniversary.  USk Chicago started as a very small group on April 29, 2012.  On that day, 4 years ago, we looked like this:

USk Chicago inaugural meeting 4-29-2012

And here we are now:

USk Chicago in the Field Museum 2-20-2016

Thank you to everyone who has joined our group, sketched with us at monthly sketch events and has helped make Urban Sketchers Chicago a fantastic, amazing, super talented and caring community!

Let's see the world, one drawing at a time - together!


Interested in becoming a member of USk Chicago?
1) Go to USk Chicago's Facebook Group
2) Request to join the group
3) A USk Chicago administrator will send you a Facebook message.  Please keep an eye out for this and respond within 7 days.  USk Chicago administrators greet all new requests, to answer any questions about our group.  Our chapter is a regional chapter, accepting membership from those who live in Illinois, SE Wisconsin, NW Indiana, and SW Michigan.

Find USk Chicago on social media:
Twitter: @USk_Chicago
Instagram: @USkChicago
Pinterest: Urban Sketchers Chicago
2016 Seminar: https://chicagosketchseminar2016.wordpress.com/

Tag your posts with #USkChicago and help us continue to share our group with our community!

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  1. A big thanks to you, Alex, and all you do to keep us growing!