Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Every Sketch Tells a Story #usk10x10

Whether you're telling a little story, a medium tale, or an epic in your sketches, add to your visual vocabulary with our 10 talented instructors in our "10Years 10 Classes" program. 

 Registration opens on March 15                           Classes start April 15. 


Little Stories: Up Close and Personal

April 15,  "Putting an Idea or Feeling into a Sketch"           Instructor: Fred Polito

My initial interest in sketching started as I watched my Dad, an architect, render a tree in the background, after he had drawn the front elevation of a new house. The tree appeared as if by magic! Later, while studying architecture, a common requirement in all design classes was to produce sketch books done on location. Starting an architectural practice, I supplemented my income by producing renderings for other architects. (Now, most architectural renderings are done on a computer.) All that hand drawing, and Urban Sketchers, has rekindled my interest in sketching. Sketching, for me, has always been about an idea or feeling.

 April 22,  "Little Stories: Animals"                                        Instructor: Deidre Fox

She has exhibited at Hyde Park Art Center, Betty Rymer Gallery, Evanston Art Center, and the Swedish American Museum, among other venues. She has been awarded grants from the City of Chicago/Illinois Arts Counsel and was included in New American Paintings Midwest Edition in 2012. Her work has been curated into White Columns Artists Registry and The Drawing Center Viewing Program. Residencies include Ragdale Foundation, the Center for Books and Paper Arts, the Chicago Open Studios Program, and the Cliff Dwellers Club. Public collections include the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection and the Center for Books and Paper Arts. 
She received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her BS in Materials Science & Engineering from Northwestern University.

 April 29,  "Details, Ornaments, and Objects, Oh My!"          Instructor: Mark Jones

Mark is professional designer, illustrator, graphic recorder and concept artist Mark is an architect in Chicago who works at the firm HED. Mark graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago and learned his drawing and sketching skills through those architecture classes. The professors emphasized the importance of documenting the environment by requiring students to maintain an active sketchbook. Filling it with ideas, inspirational quotes and designs as well as using it as a journal. Mark spent his junior year studying abroad in Versailles, France. While there he documented his travels through Europe in pencil sketches and watercolors while gaining exposure and feedback from visiting professors. Mark was drawn to the medium of color pencils while working on his thesis project and has used it predominantly since.

May 6,  "Personalities of Urban Vehicles"                               Instructor: Wes Douglas

I am a professional designer, illustrator, graphic recorder and concept artist working in the Chicago area for the past 30 years. I have created new concept designs for SC Johnson, Sara Coffee and Foods, Philips Oral Health, Allstate Insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, CNH (construction and agricultural equipment) and many others. More recently I have been a member and co-admin for the Chicago chapter of Urban Sketchers since 2013 and lead 3 sketch workshops on Urban Sketching with Markers.

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Meet the Instructors for Medium Stories: Expanding Your View 

Registration opens on Wednesday, March 15!
Classes begin April 15!

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