Friday, July 17, 2020

Are You Looking at Me?

A Peek Behind the Scenes

Let’s Sketch:
Behind The Sketch

 · Hosted by Wes Douglas and Urban Sketchers Chicago

Sunday, July 19
12 PM – 3 PM


Do You See What I See?

 We’re going to change it up a bit this week. So many of you wish that you could see how the others sketch on location, what kind of tools that you use and where you sit during your sketching. This week, we hope you will sketch any scene that interests you and in front of you, but add a couple of extra photos so we can see HOW you sketch and the tools you like to use. You may need a little help with a friend taking your photo or video in action. Do you live in a city? On a farm? Near the water, or mountains, or desert? Are you home-bound? Sketch from real life and show us your world!

Since this is about the time we would’ve had our Annual Chicago Sketch Seminar, we hope you will participate virtually and share a behind the scenes of how you urban sketch. Then post your final sketch and the work up photos as you normally would on Sunday. Questions can be posted in the comments below.

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