Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Cozy Up and Sketch!


Let’s Sketch
Sunday, January 17
12 PM - 3 PM

 Hosted by

 Gail Dokucu, Urban Sketchers Chicago

and Guest Host Rachel Grossman,


Hygge is a Danish word with no direct translation into English (so what better idea for a USk Chicago prompt?) It’s pronounced “hue-gah” according to Visit Denmark’s website

Hygge is similar to our idea of coziness, but with overlaid ideas of contentment, well-being, and living in the moment. Hygge is important in Danish culture as a way of staying happy in the face of long dark winters. And since Denmark always ranks at or near the top in happiness-by-country ratings, they may be onto something.

Scenes of hygge include glowing fires in the fireplace, candles on the coffee table, cups of steaming tea and cocoa, fluffy slippers. But they can equally include taking a long walk in the woods and, in olden times, having a casual dinner party with a small circle of friends.

This week, let’s draw a small everyday moment of contentment and coziness.

Is yours  

  • a good book and a mug of mulled wine
  • an oversize hand-knit sweater and woolly socks
  • a walk through a snowy forest preserve (wear long underwear!)
  • a plate of tea cakes
  • a board game played with the family
  • something cozy that brings a sigh of contentment and warms up our cold and dreary winter?

Banner Sketch by Rachel Grossman

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