Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thank Frank

These are little sketches done at our recent USk Chicago meet. So much to see and so much to take in, I opted to sketch some of the details on the Chicago Avenue side of his home and studio. The first is one of the sculptures above the walkway to the hidden door. The second  is of the tourists and the reliefs that line the walkway. The third is a detail of the reliefs – the repeated stork motif and lastly a rough rendition of the logo.

Now I must go back to Oak Park and actually sketch Wright's glorious buildings! There was so much to take in at once.  In a five block area there are about seven houses designed or remodeled by Wright. What a feast for the eyes and imagination. The overall feeling of his work is monumental but his attention to detail is what really amazed me. It was a quite a day!

And thanks to the visitor from Manchester UK who took our picture! Safe and happy travels!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Belated Introduction -

My name is Carole Hennessy and I am a watercolor artist living in Chicago. I am out regularly to sketch and paint with Barbara and the Monday Sketch Group but have not yet been able to make it to one of the Urban Sketchers outings. I was always a studio painter until 8 years ago when I finally decided to try some plain air work and figured out what worked best for me. Now my outdoor works helps to inspire my studio practice. I enjoy the challenges working on location brings and the interaction with my fellow artists and the public. The painting shown here is from a recent visit to Olive Park, what a lovely day!

51 of my recent small watercolors will be part of an exhibit opening at the Chicago Artists Coalition Gallery, 217 N. Carpenter St, Chicago, on Friday, September 14 thru October 2. The opening reception is Friday from 6-9 pm. The gallery will be open weekdays 9-5, Saturdays 12-6 and also on Sunday, September 23, when we will be doing demos. Mine is scheduled for 12-1 that day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to the Bean

It was"back to the Bean"in more ways than one. This week our Monday sketch group met at the Bean in Millennium Park. I've sketched there several times this summer so this time I chose a different point of view. I sat with my back to the sculpture. A beautiful day, great company and sketching – a delightful start to the week!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gamla Stan means The Old Town

Continuing with my great Stockholm Sketching Adventure here are some sketches from Gamla Stan, Stockholm. Gamla Stan means The Old Town, and it is indeed very old. Many structures there date back to 1600′s, with some going as far back as 12th century.

I sketched this sitting in a cafe on the intersection of three streets, Norra Bankogrand is the street in the sketch. It leads to the piers, there between the buildings, and Baltic sea.

I was so lucky to be able to get together with Nina Johansson, and we sketched in the Old Town in Skeppar Olofs Alley. The first mention of this little street goes back to 1587. I was sitting on a stoop behind Nina and was able to get her into my sketch.

We only had 30 minutes in the Skeppar Olofs because we were meeting Ed Harker at the Stortorget, the Big Square in Gamla Stan. Ed is a sketcher from Bath, England. At Stortorget we sat in a cafe sketching, and my view just happened to be The Swedish Academy and Nobel Museum - the place where they make decisions on Nobel Prize winners every year since 1901.

In Gamla Stan any direction you face there's going to be something beautiful and historically significant.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sketches of Stockholm

I was incredibly fortunate to have traveled to Stockholm last month - August 2012. My husband was invited to present in Stockholm University, and I just had to come along. This was my Great Stockholm Sketching Adventure. I went with a goal to sketch. And sketch I did. I almost finished the sketchbook I took with me and brought back incredible visual memories. It will take several posts to share them, so I better start.

Here we are in O'Hare waiting to board our plane.

This is Södertörn högskola - South Stockholm University - where Lou was a keynote speaker at a conference titled "What is Empathy and what do we need it for?" The incredible giant basalt rock is a centerpiece of the campus.