What to Choose, What to Choose!!

USk Chicago has announced the workshops that will be available at the July Seminar. 

  1. Aaron Elswick – Fake It Till You Make It 3.0
  2. Alex Zonis & MJ Ernst – Chicago with Fountain Pen and Ink
  3. Barbara Weeks – People Who Need People
  4. Brian Wright – Practical Perspective for Urban Sketching
  5. Jenny Zhang – Less is More
  6. Jingo de la Rosa – Dear Diary: Sketchbooks as Journals
  7. Joann Harling Larsen & Anna Rappaport – Surprising stories, fleeting energy: bringing life into your sketches
  8. John A Hancock – The Value of Toned Paper Sketching
  9. Katie Woodward – Tiny Sketching: Big Impact
  10. Ken Czech – Marker Mashup
  11. Marek Badzynski – Fast and Furious: Urban Sketching in ink, wet graphite & watercolor the Quick Way!
  12. Mario Linhares – Folding Pages = Unfolding Sketches
  13. Matthew Brehm – Brush Moves Water, Water Moves Pigment: A Mantra for Achieving Clear, Luminous Watercolors
  14. Nishant Jain – Drawing the Graphic Novel of Urban Life
  15. Paul Ingold – Compelling Gold Coast Watercolor
  16. Suhita Shirodkar – People Alive!
Full descriptions and instructor bios will be added soon. 
You can keep up with Seminar news at the USk Chicago Sketch Seminar 2020 blog. Of course will keep you posted here, too.
Registration will open on April 11.

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