Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Airport Angels

Spring Break.
There I was, standing in the long line for security checks, trying to squelch the six other long lines of human noise-makers to my right (clucking, loud breathing, long sighs, complainers, whining kids, etc.) The usual TSA bottle neck put a whole lot of people in one small hallway at the same time is pretty normal about this time every year ( a period of time that lasts for 4-6 weeks here in the USA), and yet so many people have to act like they have been personally taken advantage of during this very important safety check.
And then, suddenly, and like a breath of fresh air, the four lovely angels, these flight attendants came into my life, to my left, as a temporary visual oasis from the otherwise chaotic mass of people in which I was included. Four matching, cranberry uniforms who toted matching, company-issued roller boards and these cute little hats. I was suddenly transported to the Pan Am era of the 1960s where stewardesses (as they were called then) ruled the air ways with a status not too different than celebrities and fashion models of today. 
I could have been jealous that they were walking effortlessly to their gates without any delays, but instead I enjoyed to view and my brief visit down memory lane. (The fact that I was just born around 1960 in not important at this time. Let me have my moment, will you?)
Air travel is kind of a bummer, yes, but little moments such as this make it worth the wait.