Sunday, October 28, 2012

Finally got off the couch...

and went out sketching today. Parked my car in a parking lot at Cermak and Central and spent about 2 hours sketching this. 5" x 7" Pencil and watercolor.

Monday, October 22, 2012

My first post!

Hello!  I joined Urban Sketchers Chicago in May, and I am so happy I found them!  I love the fact that an Urban Sketcher can travel to all parts of the globe and find sketching friends everywhere.

That said, my sister and I traveled all the way to Springfield, Illinois last week.  I did not meet any urban sketchers, but I did a little sketch on the train.  Maybe next year we will go farther afield - but there are always things to sketch, even from the kitchen window!

On the train

View from kitchen

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sketch Outing at Navy Pier, Chicago

Sunny and almost 70 degrees. I used Tombow water soluble brush markers for this sketch of the Pier and boats. Here's a link to the history of Navy Pier: Here's a morsel from the history website.

In 1942
Pilot training orientation commenced at Navy Pier. Eventually, 15,000 pilots were qualified for military service, including a young airman named George H.W. Bush, the future President of the United States. As many as 200 WWII planes still rest at the bottom of Lake Michigan as a result of accidents during training.

The importance of being Frank

Frank Lloyd Wright, that is...

This is a sketch of Frank Lloyd Wright home in Oak Park IL. We sketched it at our September USK Chicago meet.

I almost did not publish this one. It is an OK sketch, I've done better... But this one was liked and commented on through the roof on various Facebook groups because it is Frank Lloyd Wright. The name and the structure are so important and recognizable that even I got to ride on the coattails of his fame with my little sketch. Not too bad of a sketch though...