Sunday, January 21, 2018

Catching Up | Time Marches On

Elephant Automaton Clock, 1600–1625 German (Augsburg)
LUMA | Loyola University Museum of Art 

Last year was quite a year for USk Chicago – 10 Years 10 Classes, the 8th International Urban Sketches Symposium, TV coverage, monthly sketch meet-ups around the city, and more. It seems this blog then took a deep breath for six months! Now we're off and running again! 

We've started planning for our summer Usk Chicago Sketch Seminar that will be held on June 1-3, 2018! Lot's of details to follow, but in the meantime, we've been accepting teaching proposals for our seminar workshops. The January 31st deadline is fast approaching! If you're interested in applying and/or have questions, leave a comment here or send a FaceBook message at Urban Sketchers Chicago to Alex Zonis or me  (Barbara McCafferty Weeks). We'd love to hear from you!