Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Opening Day!

I was determined to attend the White Sox opening day game this year, and I did!  My husband, my sister and I braved the 37 degree temperature, warmly bundled, and we were rewarded with a Sox win - over Kansas City!!  Even better!  Looking forward to many more games this year.

On the Red Line, I sketched a little with ballpoint pen in a sketchbook I made with grey pastel paper.  I increased the contrast at home with a Micron pen.

At the ballpark, I sketched in my S&B Beta book with pencil, since my ballpoint decided it was a little too cold to release its ink.  Added the color and darker lines at home with Micron pen, water soluble Staedtler pens, and watercolor.

Passing Wrigley Field on the Way to Sox game

My husband, Rick

Opening day montage


  1. Mary, Mary don't you know that during the winter we like to sketch inside? Good for you for braving the cold. Perhaps you can send a photo of the tools you would work with that prevent freezing while sketching. I would think watercolors are tough to work with huh?

    1. Wes, Wes! I don't think you finished reading the entire post! :-D

  2. Brrr- but it looks like a fun day!

    1. It was fun - I was even able to remove my coat while the sun was out! (I was wearing three layers underneath!)


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