Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spotlight Sunday – Amy Larsen

Spotlight Sunday is series of interviews designed to introduce and highlight Chicago Urban Sketchers individually. Now that our chapter has reached nearly 500 members it has become more of a challenge to meet every member in person and have a conversation. These posts concentrate on individuals and speak in their own words and sketches.

Midwest Buddhist Temple - Amy Larsen

Meet Amy Larsen!
Interviewed by Barbara Weeks

Amy Larsen

Barbara Weeks: Hi, Amy. You’ve been a member of
Urban Sketchers for a long time! I remember sketching with you in 2012 at the Buddhist Temple. It’s more than time for the spotlight to shine on you! Tell us a little about yourself.

Amy Larsen: I’m a freelance graphic artist, mom and grandma. I’ve always loved animals, nature and art. My interest in drawing and painting started as a young girl and stuck with me through the years. I have studied watercolor painting at Dillman’s where my teachers include the very talented artists David Taylor, Rose Edin and Ken Hosmer, and various classes at The School of the Art Institute.

BW: What prompted you to join USk Chicago?

AL: I discovered Urban Sketchers online before there was a Chicago group. So as soon as I saw the group forming I joined up. I sometimes search online for sketches and sketchbooks, because I love looking at them, which led me to the Moleskine sketching groups, and then to Urban Sketchers.

BW: I think there are as many different reasons to sketch as there are sketchers. Why do you sketch?

AL: Three things come to mind. I enjoy time spent losing myself in the activity. The challenge of depicting a scene. And the beauty of light and shadow on form.

BW: Do you have a favorite subject? Why?

AL: I’ve been enjoying painting botanicals lately. Flowers and plants have the qualities I like; beautiful colors, graceful forms and the effects of light and shadow.

BW: Do you have a favorite sketching medium? What do you like about it?

AL: I have always loved watercolor. I love it for its simplicity and luminosity. But I love markers and pastel and oil paints too! I think it can be beneficial to switch it up sometimes.

BW: I agree, it's beneficial and fun. I sketch to get away from the computer, but your work on the iPad is making me rethink that idea and try a new medium! What do you like most about sketching on the iPad? Are there drawbacks? (HA, no pun intended.)

At Architectural Artifacts – iPad sketch

AL: Well, I love being able to bring any medium and every color on my sketching trip in one slim package. The new apple pencils pressure sensitivity has made drawing on the iPad much more fun. I haven’t even scratched the surface of all it can do. It’s just a matter of one’s own creativity. Drawbacks? I wouldn’t want to drop it!

BW: If you could sketch anywhere in the world where would that be?

AL: No specific place. Traveling anywhere with other artists would be a dream come true. River cruise down the Rhine anyone? Someday I will.

BW: That river cruise is on my list, too. When you’re not sketching what do you enjoy doing?

AL: Fooling around with the iPad! Scrolling through my Facebook feed. Snuggling with my dogs. Watching movies. Listening to music. Taking pictures around the area. Cooking. Gardening.

Wrigley Building Courtyard

BW:  A Renaissance Woman! We know you’re on FaceBook, do you have other social media accounts where we can view your work? (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.)?

AL: Yes, I’m here:

BW: Thanks, Amy, for sharing your sketches and thoughts with all of us!

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    1. After a brief introduction by your proud brother Kordt we were all swept up by the need to get out and sketch. So glad to read this interview, meet you, and learn about your history with USk Chicago.


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