Friday, June 12, 2020

Open for Business

Let's sketch

Open for Business!

Sunday, June 14

Hosted by Wes Douglas and Urban Sketchers Chicago

Now that many businesses have started to find ways to slowly reopen or stay open in a safe manner, our next challenge is to celebrate your favorite business. This is an activity that is best done by direct observation (please no photo references). 

  • Sketch the exterior of their building, an outdoor dining experience or a representation of how you best interact with that business. For example, if you cannot visit a physical location, maybe you only deal with a business through its delivery to your front door. 
  • Sketch your package delivery at your front door. 
  • Sketch the delivery van, or the lunch you ordered at your table. Some restaurants now offer street dining, sketch that. 
Post your sketches sometime between Noon and 3:00pm, if you are able, and don't forget to include the hashtags in your caption: #uskathome #uskchicago

Have fun with this. And feel free to tell us why this is one of your favorite businesses. Above all, continue to practice safe distancing and stay healthy.

Questions? Ask Wes Douglas in the comments below. 
Looking forward to seeing your sketches on Sunday.

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