Thursday, September 17, 2020

Now and Then


Let's Sketch
Sunday, Sept. 20

 Now and Then!

It’s been over 6 months since we started our weekly online meetups. Has your narrowed focus on your home, your neighborhood, and your restricted routine expanded your observational skills? Perhaps you’ve noticed the lengthening and shortening of the days, the transition from bare or newly-leafed tree limbs to exuberant foliage, changes in pedestrians’ clothing (besides those masks) – indeed, the level and types of activity inside and out.

This week, revisit a sketch done earlier in the pandemic. Feel free to concentrate on any one or more features that convey the passage of time. Perhaps you drew a late summer day in your living room, but now it’s dark inside at that time. Perhaps you could see the Lake or buildings through bare trees, but now all you see is green, green, green. Perhaps that “temporarily” closed restaurant is, alas, for rent – or, happily, bustling with patrons sitting outside.

Please post BOTH sketches on our group Facebook page. Please include #uskchicago and #uskathome on your posts to Facebook and Instagram

Email if you have any questions.

Banner is a detail from Evelyn’s two versions of the view out her studio window this spring and summer.

We are back to following USk Global’s posting guidelines of sketching live on location and not from reference photos. If you’re outdoors, remember to socially distance and wear a mask to help us stay safe. All skill levels welcome – happy sketching!

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