Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Seeing the Light

 Let’s Sketch!

Winter Light

Sunday, February 28

12 PM - 3 PM CST

Hosted by  Brian Wright, and Urban Sketchers Chicago

As we begin to thaw out and start thinking of the spring weather that will soon be here, we want to take an opportunity to celebrate the Winter Light, the long shadow, the cool pale blue light, the bright white reflection, the red of dawn or dusk, as inspired by T.S. Eliot in “Little Gidding”.

“Midwinter spring has its’ own season,
When the short day is brightest, with frost and fire,
The brief sun flames on the ice, on pond and ditches,
In windless cold that is the heart’s heat,
Reflecting in a watery mirror,
A glare that is blindness in the early afternoon.
And a glow more intense than blaze of branch.”

Come on, how good is that?!

The days are growing longer and while we look forward to the time when we can all be together again sketching, until then, let’s enjoy the season we’re in. So, grab a hat, fingerless gloves, frozen watercolor pans, and take that walk, and share your art! And if you're so inclined a winter light poem or haiku.

This week’s banner sketch is graciously provided by the talented Joan Szalay Tavolott, with whom I had pleasure of sketching with in Amsterdam at the USK Symposium. Her painting from her window so beautifully captures that winter scene, and I love how the footprints in the snow draw you in. We thank you for agreeing to let us use your photo and for visually taking us on that walk in the woods.

Share your Urban Sketches with us from 12 noon to 3pm on Sunday
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A reminder that we are back to following USK Global's posting guidelines of sketching live on location and not from reference photos.

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