Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Show and Tell


Let's Sketch

Show and Tell

Sunday, May 30

12 PM - 3 PM

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As we continue to sketch virtually and get closer to gathering together, let’s take the opportunity to share new tools or techniques you’ve learned over the past year.

  • Maybe you bought a new pen, pencil, or brush
  • Maybe you’ve been trying out a new paint, gouache, or ink
  • Maybe you found the perfect paper or sketchbook
  • Maybe you practiced a particular technique, or reinforced an existing one
We’d love to see how you used them and learn together.


Share your on location sketch, displaying your new tools and/or technique in your sketch photo or additional photo. Please provide a description and your findings, whether it worked out or not. We may not be able to all sketch together just yet, but we can still learn from each other!

Don’t forget to hashtag sponsors! 

Remember that we are following USk Global’s guidelines of sketching live on location and not from reference photos. All skill levels welcome – happy sketching! 

As usual, we will post from noon to 3 p.m. to share and discuss, but late submissions are always welcome.
Please include #uskchicago and #uskathome on your posts to Facebook and Instagram.

Want to keep up to date by email? Fill in your email address in the place provided in the upper right corner under the banner. We look forward to hearing from you.

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