Thursday, September 9, 2021

T&T Thursday! The Big and Little Picture

Notice What You See

By Barbara Weeks

Fall is just around the bend. Have you noticed the leaves are slowly starting to change? Do you see anything else that tells you Fall is on its way? A yellow leaf in a puddle? A backpack ready for school?

As Urban Sketchers we sketch the world we live in and visit. We sketch from direct observation whether from our cars, our homes, outside or inside. We tend to sketch the “big picture.” Often there is a small something we notice that doesn’t show up in the main sketch or painting.

Artists whose works are reproduced as prints sometimes add a small hand-done sketch in the margin of the print. It’s called a remarqueIt makes the print unique. I like do that too! (Well sort of.) Sometimes I add my version of a remarque to the page, that little something that caught my eye.  

Try it! Add a small sketch, something that caught your eye. You'll be glad you did! When you look back on your sketchbook page you’ll smile at what you see (and remember!)

Try it and post your sketches to on Facebook !   I'd love to see what you noticed. #T&T

BTW: If you would like to polish your noticing skills I highly recommend The Art of Noticing  by Rob Walker. This isn’t an art instruction book. It’s a book that sparks creativity, vision, and fun. 

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