Thursday, December 23, 2021

T&T Thursday

 Braving the Cold

Sketched from the Bus Stop Shelter at the Field Museum

Tips for Urban Sketching in Winter

It's tempting not to venture outdoors to sketch in the dead of winter. Be smart but don't give in!

Be Prepared

  • Wear lots of layers. You can adjust what to keep  on and off.
  • Invest in fingerless gloves or mittens with fingers folders.
  • Bring an insulated mug with a hot beverage
  • Handwarmer pouches are great too
  • Pack only the essentials

Be Brave 

  • Keep it simple!  
  • Think process not product.Enjoy the sketching don't aim for a masterpiece.
  • What says "cold" to you? Sketch that!
  • Add a note of the weather conditions, temperature, etc.

Get to Work

  • Again keep it simple (I know, I say that a lot!)
  • Pack only essential sketching equipment, e.g.  a pencil, water brush, simple watercolor palette 

Odds and Ends 

  • If you're using watercolor, a little vodka or alcohol in the water/waterbrush will keep your paint from freezing.
  • Sketch from your car
  • Sketch what you see outside your window at home.       

Post Your Sketches!

When you post your sketches let us know what tips you used or can add to the list!

Happy Holidays!

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