Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Where Does the Time Go?

In the Beginning

It seems like yesterday a small group of sketchers met at the Art Institute to sketch. We had to take refuge in Cosi because of rain. And so began Urban Sketchers Chicago!  

Eight years ago it never crossed our minds that this tiny band of five would grow into a lively group of almost fifteen hundred! Nor did we envision hosting an annual Sketch Seminar in Chicago and even an International Urban Sketchers Symposium! 

TriState Sketch Crawl at the Bean.     Photo: Bob Glazauskis


It’s a good thing we’re a creative bunch; the idea of hosting virtual meet ups never crossed our minds, yet, here we are meeting online to sketch and share. We’re lucky to have the benefits of camaraderie and sketching in the Covid 19 time of isolation.

The Benefits of Sketching

  • Increases Creativity
  • Strengthens Focus 
  • Benefits Health
  • Adds to Communication Skills.
  • Increases Coordination

Here’s a link to a past post on the benefits of keeping a sketchbook.

 Happy Anniversary and keep on sketching and sharing!

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