Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Keep It Simple!


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Backgrounds Simplified

Sunday, April 25

12 PM - 3 PM

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There are many pressures and challenging variables when urban sketching . Limited time and complicated settings can many times be challenging . Simplifying your background can be effective in several way


 Using soft shapes to suggest the background elements saves time and can also frame the parts of your sketch that you want to stand out. For example in the sketch above, the backpack is the main element, adding the suggestion of faded shapes for people sets the scene and puts the sketch into context of the location. Without the simplified background the sketch would be less an urban sketch and more of a still life.

For this week’s sketch challenge establish the detail attention part of the scene you are sketching. 

  • Concentrate on that
  • Finish your sketch with a more simplified background. 

Some simplifying sketch techniques:

  • Contour lines
  • Drawing simple shapes 
  • Using a wash or muted shapes like the sketch above in the banner 

Really anything goes, let loose and have fun!

Banner sketch by: Mary Jo Ernst

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