Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Neither Snow nor Sleet nor ...

Let’s Sketch!

 Be Intrepid

Sunday, April 11

12 PM - 3 PM CST

Hosted by

Gail Dokucu, Urban Sketchers Chicago

Our guest hosts this week are The Intrepids! For months they've been gathering weekly to sketch together, regardless of the weather!

The Intrepids are:

Carla Milano Nelson

Reshma Bee

Kris Van Stockum

Harold Goldfus

Jim Clouse

Karen Beauprie

Lynne Fairchild

Merriam-Webster defines “intrepid” as “characterized by resolute fearlessness, fortitude, and endurance.” Example: an intrepid explorer

This week we are inviting you to be intrepid in your sketching.


What would make you feel like an intrepid explorer? 

  • Think about sketching a subject that you rarely choose, or (gasp!) that you avoid.
  • Another way to be intrepid would be to try a new sketching technique. For example, if you sketch with pen and watercolor, you could try Direct-to-Watercolor.
  • Maybe, for you, being intrepid would be to go out to sketch with a fellow sketching friend. This would be in the spirit of our little group of Intrepids, who gather weekly in our community to sketch (masked and socially distanced, of course).
  • Finally, perhaps the weather will cooperate and be awful, providing you with the opportunity to go out and sketch in miserable weather conditions!

Above all, enjoy being Intrepid in your sketching this week!

Banner sketch is done by Harold Goldfus, and features, left to right: Lynne, Carla, Jim, Kris, and Reshma.

As usual, we will gather from noon to 3 p.m. to share and discuss, but of course late submissions are always welcome.

Remember that we follow USk Global’s guidelines of sketching live on location and not from reference photos. 

When outside your home, be sure to socially distance and wear a mask to help everyone stay safe.

Please include #uskchicago and #uskathome on your posts to Facebook and Instagram.

Want to keep up to date by email? Fill in your email address in the place provided in the upper right corner under the banner. We look forward to hearing from you.


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