Thursday, April 29, 2021

The Sky"s the Limit!


Let's Sketch

Your Skyline

Sunday, May 2

12 PM - 3 PM

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“A skyline is an outline or shape viewed near the horizon. It can be created by a city’s overall structure, or by human intervention in a rural setting, or in nature that is formed where the sky meets buildings or the land.” – Wikipedia 

This week’s theme is “Sketch Your Skyline.” We’ll explore how we can capture a skyline, or a simple view of the horizon, into our sketches.


  • Your “skyline” sketch does not have to consist of buildings and skyscrapers. Most of the time, the horizon will be a simple imaginary line where the sky meets land from your viewpoint (at the park, front yard, outdoor cafe, beach, etc.)
  • We can sketch views from our homes, out the window, or out and about.
  • There are no rules other than our Urban Sketching guidelines, be creative.
  • Any type of medium can be used (example: watercolor, water-soluble ink, color pencils, etc.) 

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  1. hello, great prompt and looking forward to participating but shouldn't the date be May2nd?
    Thank You


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